Feeds are formulated for performance goals, herd health, and specific customer requirements. A variety of pellet and mash feeds are available. To ensure quality, new ingredients and feed formulas are tested regularly at our swine research farm. Our innovations can help you be more efficient.


Swine Nursery Feed

Feeding programs are available for all stages of nursery production.  Formulated to meet your specific needs, diets include ingredients to ensure piglets get off to the right start as they transition from the sow.  Our feeds are designed to give your herd a fast and easy transition from milk to dry feed, maximize growth rate, and feed conversion. 

Swine Breeder Feed

Wenger Feeds’ swine breeder feeds are formulated to meet the nutritional demands of the sow, gilt, and boar. Our feed is formulated to maximize pigs per litter, promote optimal reproductive health, and maintain herd health.

Swine Finisher Feed

Our feed is designed for the grower stage of production when the pig leaves the nursery.  From this stage, it takes about 18 weeks for the pig to reach market weight.  As the pig grows and matures, feeds are formulated for herd health, performance, and specific customer requirements. At this stage, grower feeds are designed to maximize feed conversion, increase growth rate, and promote herd health. 

Rations customized for:

All stages of production
Net Energy
No Animal Protein
Anti-biotic Free
Process Verified
Premix and Concentrate Available


We test our innovations in dedicated swine research houses.

We test the latest ingredients and management techniques in our barns before they reach yours.

Farmer in swine barn

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