Quality Feed for Quality Food®

We listen to your needs and recommend the best feed formula for your target market, breed type, health situation, or housing configuration. If you need a custom formulation, we can help. Our in-house nutritionists can formulate for the needs of your flock or herd. If you have a consulting nutritionist on staff, we can also manufacture your formulas to your specifications.

Our Research Efforts Can Help You Be More Efficient

Hours and hours of real world research are behind our quality feeds. Wenger Feeds partners with suppliers to test the latest ingredients and management techniques. While our research interests are consistent with university and industry research, our barns allow us to test our innovations in industry conditions, not in a laboratory. We also coordinate with customers on projects and obtain processor and packing data.

Our Technical Service staff attends industry and professional conferences to stay abreast of the latest innovations for our customers. We’ve implemented changes in our formulas and in our manufacturing processes based on trial results.

Our innovations in poultry feed and swine feed are tested in our barns before they reach yours.

Aviary Research Farm
Swine Research Farm
Pullet Research Farm

Recent Trials

We test innovative ingredients and feed formulas in our research houses, so we can bring our innovations to our customers.

Recent trials have included:

Ingredient trials on the performance of cage free layers

Stress-reducing products on the performance of cage free layers

Chelated mineral performance in caged layers

High density and low density diets in grow-finish pigs