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With expertise, facilities, and a variety of available services, Wenger Feeds Laboratory Services can be a valuable resource for your business. We offer competitive prices with quick turn around and fast results.

Good Water Quality Improves Health & Performance

Wenger Feeds’ lab offers an array of water tests including trace minerals, hardness, pH, iron, nitrates, sulfates, E.coli, and total coliform. Proper Ph improves bird health and flock performance. Likewise, water with high nitrate and coliform levels can harm bird health and performance. Sterile water collection bottles are provided.

Feed and Ingredient Testing

By testing the nutrient profile of your grain, you can more accurately formulate your feed avoiding costly over-formulation or potentially harmful under-formulation. Analysis is completed with NIR spectroscopy. This service is available for most commonly used bulk feed ingredients. NIR can be especially useful for those who use concentrate programs.

Other feed analyses including particle size, pellet durability, moisture, and salt are also available to support any quality assurance program. Our in-house team can provide testing for macro minerals, trace minerals, heavy metals acid detergent fiber, neutral detergent fiber, protein, chloride, sulfur, KOH protein solubility, or urease activity.

Mycotoxin Testing

Mycotoxin testing is available for Aflatoxin, T-2 Toxins, DON (Vomitoxin), Fumonisin, and Zearalenone. If you’re using your own grain, it can be helpful to know your mycotoxin risk before experiencing mortality or production drops.

Egg Testing

Shell strength, Haugh Units, yolk color, and egg shell thickness tests are available. By testing your shell strength regularly, you can make adjustments in your feed to prevent soft shells and costly cracks and undergrades.


Water Sampling Made Easy

Use a sterile container provided by Wenger Feeds. Complete all the label information. Before running any water, take a clean cloth or paper towel and wipe the inside of the faucet to remove any residue build up. Take a match or lighter and heat the inside of the faucet to kill any surface bacteria that may be living there. Do this for at least 15 seconds. Select a frequently used cold-water faucet and allow the water to run for 3-5 minutes for municipal water and 5-7 minutes for well water. With the water still running, remove container top and fill to the EPA fill line. Close the container. Do not remove the lids from the water container before you are actually ready to fill them. Samples must be kept cold (less than 50 degrees F but not frozen and received within 24 hours) with ice packs and out of direct sunlight. Samples are accepted Monday-Thursday by noon. Remember to return the samples directly. If you can’t return them immediately, keep them cool with ice packs and ship them overnight. Mail to: ATTN: Barb Marsh Wenger’s Feed Mill, Inc. 101 West Harrisburg Ave. P.O. Box 26 Rheems, PA 17570


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