A part of Wenger’s mission is enhancing customer value through product differentiation. To that end, Wenger Feeds partnered with a customer in their research and production of Hemp Eggs. This multi-year effort recently resulted in the launch of the first ever Hemp Egg in the Americas with the Hemp Feed produced by Wenger Feeds.

Supported by a extensive research, Wenger Feeds and a customer had jointly filed a Self-Acclaimed Generally Regarded as Safe (GRAS) petition with the Food and Drug Administration’s Center for Veterinary Medicine for Hemp Seed Cake for feeding commercial laying hens. The same report was presented as part of the Federal review of the ingredient by The Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) through the Hemp Feed Coalition.

After intense scrutiny and review of the 1,700-page report, the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture, granted a conditional and exclusive approval for Wenger Feeds to use Hemp Seed Cake to produce Hemp Feed and to the customer to exclusively produce Hemp Eggs for commerce within the state of Pennsylvania.

This earned Wenger Feeds a unique distinction in the industry as the first Hemp Feed producer in the Americas. “Hemp Egg production using Hemp Feed is a new historical milestone for The Wenger Group in its commitment to being a quality nutrient provider to animal agriculture and enhancing customer value through customer centric product innovation,” remarked the Senior Vice President & Chief Nutrition Officer, Dr. Raj Kasula.

With its active participation and leadership in the hemp segment, Wenger Feeds is gaining recognition and importance as the pioneer in hemp feed production in the U.S. Wenger Feeds has participated, presented, and led hemp seed cake seminars and discussion forums across the country highlighting the importance of hemp seed cake as a potential animal feed ingredient and in assisting the Hemp Feed Coalition in pursuing their ingredient approval process with AAFCO.