There are a lot of pieces that have to come together to raise a successful flock or herd. We’re here to help you place those pieces correctly with WengerWay, a customizable and comprehensive management support program focused on enhancing the efficiency of livestock production.

The WengerWay: Listening & Learning

Step one for our team is listening to you. We work to understand your goals and build a suitable nutrition program for all stages of life. We utilize an in-house team and an external team of experts to assess the nutritional needs of your flock or herd.

Nutrition Support

As one of the only feed mills in North America that meets ISO requirements, our customers can trust in every stage of purchasing, manufacturing, and delivery. Wenger’s management system is certified in ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and ISO45001. Eight of our eleven locations are ISO-certified, and the discipline of the system shapes all we do.

Eight of the eleven milling locations are FDA Process Verified. Individual customers save time and the cost associated with single audits as these locations are certified for all Process Verified programs. Non-GMO and Organic feeds are available from two locations.

In addition, the company’s Rheems and Hempfield Mills are Safe Feed/Safe Food Certified.

All Wenger mills meet Food Safety Modernization Act requirements and are BSE compliant.

Our work doesn’t end when the feed is on the farm. We regularly monitor your performance and make mid-course corrections as necessary. This process starts with good communication. We regularly review your production and performance records and schedule production review and strategy meetings to discuss your key performance indicators. We want to ensure we’re meeting your goals.

Nutritionist and vet visits are available for routine health concerns or unique health challenges. Farm health and gut health audits are also available.

Lab Support

As a complement to our service, Wenger Feeds’ Laboratory Services offers nutrient quality assays, mycotoxin testing, feed physical form tests, feed and ingredient quality testing, egg quality, egg shell strength, and water testing. We offer competitive prices with quick turn around and accurate results.

All feeds are sampled prior to delivery and kept for a minimum of eight weeks. We periodically collect feed samples for additional analysis.

Our laboratory also offers quality analysis and interpretation of meat and egg quality as needed.

Ingredient Expertise

Quality feed starts with ingredients purchased from a select group of approved suppliers. With regular ingredient testing, Wenger Feeds uses the nutrient profiles of current ingredients to formulate for maximum cost and production efficiency.

With our program, you will be part of a large buying pool. Our Nutrify, LLC company buys ingredients for our entire milling network, and its staff of experts can ensure you get the best market price.

On-Farm Support

To ensure your continued success, our team offers nutrition and management training to farm and production personnel through our Wenger Animal Nutrition Academy (WANA).

Research: Bringing Innovations to the Market

Research is a defining feature of WengerWay. Our Nutrition Services Department utilizes four commercial research houses and partners with universities to improve your on-farm efficiency through diet and management techniques. We test the latest ingredients and nutrition principles in real-world conditions and bring our innovations directly to you. We can also offer custom field and scientific research at your request.

Poultry Expertise

Through Dutchland Farms, LLC, we offer pullet growing, flock service, and egg marketing.

Licensed flock service technicians are available on-call 24-hours a day and provide a variety of services including production management, health management, guidance for food safety, and animal care guideline implementation. In addition, they provide guidance on testing for state and federal regulations for production and for live poultry market health certificates.

Our service technicians are available for regular farm visits to review flock records, check equipment, and perform bird necropsy to look for the hidden signs of disease.

Your Team

Dr. Rajasekhar Kasula, Vice President & Chief Nutrition Officer

Dr. Raj KasulaDr. Kasula earned a Doctor of Veterinary Science, a Master’s degree in Animal Nutrition and Immunology from Marathwada Agricultural University, India, and is a certified Professional Animal Scientist by ARPAS. Raj has an extensive background and experience spanning over 30 years globally across 30+ countries, in animal feed and nutrition, technical support, product development, and research and development with a number of science-based global companies.



Dr. Fausto Solís, Nutrition Services Manager

Dr. Fausto SolisDr. Solís earned a Ph.D. in Poultry Science from the University of Arkansas and has been with The Wenger Group since 2016. Prior to Wenger’s, Dr. Solís was the Technical Manager, Nutritionist, and Director of the Nutrition Division for Instituciones Pecuarias Dominicanas S.A., an integrated agricultural company located in the Dominican Republic. He previously served as Manager of the Agricultural Services Department for the Caribbean Region for Nestle, S.A.



Chris Olinger, Formulations Strategy Manager

Chris Olinger

Chris Olinger earned a B.S. in Agricultural Economics from Purdue University. He has spent his career in agriculture serving as a grain merchandiser and layer complex manager before joining the Nutrition Department in 2005. Chris has taken on various roles including working in formulation, research and development, ingredient quality, and the laboratory.



Justin Collins, Quality and Food Safety Manager

Justin CollinsJustin Collins has spent his career in feed manufacturing for several regional feed manufacturers before coming to Wenger’s in 2019. With experience in both operations, safety and quality assurance, Justin leads a two-person team that oversees quality assurance at our ten locations and coordinates heavily with the laboratory.



Jesse Sanders, Manager – Nutrition & Quality Laboratory

Jesse SandersJesse Sanders holds a B.S. in Plant Science from Penn State University and has held numerous positions specializing in quality control for both human and animal products. Jesse joined The Wenger Group in 2013 and currently oversees a five-person team at the Company’s Quality Assurance Laboratory.



David Glock, Senior Vice President and Chief Procurement Officer

David GlockDavid Glock holds a B.S. in Animal Science from Penn State University. David joined the Company in 2016 and provides leadership, management, and vision necessary to ensure that the Nutrify division has the proper structure, policies, and processes with related operational controls, administrative and reporting procedures, and talent necessary to effectively manage the supply chain to enable and support the Company’s financial plans, performance, and operating efficiency.



Christopher Troiano, Nutrify Operations Manager, Nutrify, LLC

Chris TroianoChristopher Troiano holds a B.S. in Accounting and Finance from Millersville University. He joined the Company in 2019 and works to review, model, and plan improvements in our current and future state purchasing environments.





Our team also works with consulting nutritionists and veterinarians.