SoyChoice®, a Premium Expelled Soybean Meal

SoyChoice®, a premium expelled soybean meal, is manufactured using heat and pressure to remove the oil and ensure the best digestibility. No chemicals or solvents are used in the production process of this all-natural meal.

More Efficient than Roasted Beans

SoyChoice delivers a superior nutritional and economical value compared to full fat beans. The manufacturing process increases the nutritional value of the beans. Reducing the fat content allows more metabolizable protein to be fed while maintaining correct energy levels. SoyChoice provides the nutrients needed for top production. High protein bypass values deliver superior milk yields.

A Proven Performer

Penn State evaluated SoyChoice in their dairy herd and concluded that, “the calculated income over feed costs was 3.9% greater for (SoyChoice)” compared to a competitive product due to better milk yields.*

In a 2008 study completed at Pennsylvania State University and the Ohio State University,** SoyChoice was found to have 3-5% additional metabolizable protein compared to two other leading expelled soy products:


A Great Value

Features Benefit Value
Heat Treated Increases rumen undegradable protein Supports high milk production
Precision Nutrient Matrix Accurate formulation Lowers feed costs
7% soy oil (fat) Provides energy without overwhelming the rumen Supports high milk production
Modern ISO-certified production facility Plant follows strict operating guidelines and audits Consistency
University Tested Proven results Consistency
Regularly tested High quality Consistency
  Metabolizable Protein %
SoyChoice 30.3
Product A 28.4
Product B 25.4

*Chung Y-H, Heyler, K.S., Hartzell, J.A., Ishler V.A., & Varga, G.A. (2008) Effects of an extruder-expelled soybean meal product on milk production and components for Holstein dairy cows, Journal of Dairy Science, 91, 487.
**Ohio State University Laboratory, 2008


Proven Consistency

Independent feed laboratory testing shows SoyChoice provides consistent crude protein, moisture, and fat levels. Wenger’s strict production controls and quality assurance programs are best in class.

  Dry Matter Basis
Moisture, % 5.5
Crude Protein, % 46.5
Total Tract Protein Digestibility, % 92+
Crude Fat, % 6.5
Crude Fiber, % 8.0
Neutral Detergent Fieber (NDF), % 16.3
Non-Fiber Carbohydrates (NFC), % 27.5



SoyChoice Helps to Improve Performance and Control Feed Costs.

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