Specialty Feed

Feeds for Specialty Poultry

 Your flock has unique needs….let us help meet them

Your flock has unique needs based on species and your target market. We have developed programs for traditionally processed flocks and non-traditional customers including live market customers. We’ll listen to your needs and recommend a program to fit your needs. Explore our offerings below or contact us for a custom program.

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Rations customized for:

All stages of production
Breeder Feeds
Withdrawal Ration
Holding Ration
No Animal Protein
Anti-biotic Free
Omega 3
Process Verified

Duck Feeds

Duck feeds are available for all stages of production including starter, grower, and finisher. Multiple feeding programs are available to meet the needs of your target market and production schedule. Our rations can help you optimize feed efficiency and consumption with high quality durable pellets. Foie gras rations are also available.

Have a breeder flock? We can help. Our breeder flock rations contain extra calcium, vitamins, and protein.