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Layer Feeds for All Stages of Production

About Our Feed

Poultry feeds are formulated to meet your unique requirements for breed type, performance goals, and health management. Feed formulas creating value-added products and meeting specialty customer preferences are available. New feeding programs, technology, and management techniques are tested at our layer and pullet research farms. Our innovations can help you be more efficient.


We test our innovations in dedicated research houses.

We partner with suppliers to test the latest ingredients and management techniques in our barns before they reach yours.

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Rations customized for:

All stages of production
Shell Strength
Egg Weight
No Animal Protein
Anti-biotic Free
Omega 3
Process Verified
High or Low Color Yolk
Premix and Concentrate Available

Diets Available For:

White bird or brown birds
Cage Free Birds
Breeder Birds

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First and Second Cycle Layer Feeding Programs

Modern layer breeds have extremely high egg production in the first laying cycle. Second-cycle layers produce more large and extra large eggs and shell quality can be a challenge. With the different levels of production, layers require different rations throughout their life cycle. Wenger Feeds’ layer feeds are breed specific and designed to help you reach your target egg weight and maximize eggs per hen housed in the first cycle. No-fast rations are available and designed to promote recovery and rejuvenation during molt. Second cycle rations are designed to promote shell strength. In addition, if you do not choose to molt your flock, our programs can be fed throughout an extended first cycle.

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Pullet Feed

A properly developed pullet is crucial to the success of your layer flock. Keep your birds fed correctly as soon as they arrive in the pullet house. Wenger Feeds pullet feeds allow birds to maximize growth and livability to reach their full potential in the layer house. Brown or white chick programs are available, or we can develop a custom program to meet your business needs.

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Feeding Programs for Layer Breeders

Proper nutrition and good egg shell strength are crucial for layer breeders, and Wenger Feeds’ breeder rations are designed to maximize shell strength, livability, and eggs per hen housed. Breed specific programs are available and can be tailored to meet your goals.

Feed My Chickens: Layer Feed Calculator

To use our calculator, you’ll need to know the average amount your chickens are eating. If you have records on a per hundred basis, simply divide this number by 100 to get the single bird average.

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