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Broiler Feeds for All Stages of Production

About Our Feed

Feeds are formulated by breed type to meet performance and flock management goals. Feed additives are available for maximum bird health and to meet specific customer requirements. New feeding programs are frequently tested.

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Did you know that Wenger’s offers an automatic feed ordering service? We can help you stay within your feed budget by placing your orders automatically. Many of our customers have found this tool particularly powerful for broilers, who are on a more strict budget of starter, grower, and finisher.

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Rations customized for:

All stages of production
Multiple Crumb Sizes
Withdrawal Ration
Holding Ration
Skin Color
No Animal Protein
Anti-biotic Free
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White Broiler Chicken

White and Colored Broilers

Breed-specific feeding programs are available for white and colored feathered broilers. We can help you maximize your growth, meat production, feed conversion, and bird health. Breed specific programs are available for both white and colored broilers. We offer feed additives to help you maintain bird health or meet customer requirements.

Broiler Breeder Chicken

Broiler Breeders

We offer broiler breeder programs designed to optimize chick quality, maximize egg numbers, improve hatchability, maintain shell quality, and ensure proper embryo development. We offer breed specific programs that are formulated with specific vitamins and minerals to maintain bird health. Mash and crumbles are available.

Silkie Chicken


Feeding programs are available for all types of Silkies. Programs designed to maximize growth, feed conversion, meat production, and bird health are available for your flock. We offer breed specific programs to meet your business goals.