Poultry and Swine Feeds

Custom Formulation

We listen to your needs and recommend the best feed formula for your target market, breed type, health situation, or housing configuration. If you need a custom formulation, we can help. Our in-house nutritionists can formulate for the needs of your flock or herd. If you have a consulting nutritionist on staff, we can also manufacture your formulas to your specifications.

The Benefits of Probiotics & Prebiotics

We offer several affordable antibiotic alternatives that can assist the stability of intestinal microflora and aid the immune system of the animal. Ingredients such as exogenous enzymes, organic acids, bacteriophages, natural extracts, essential oils, prebiotics, and probiotics can support animal performance.

Amino Acid Formulation

Feeds are formulated using true digestible amino acid values. Amino acids are the structural components of proteins. They’re important as growth is reduced if any essential amino acid is limited in a diet. Feeds are available with various energy levels to fit your production. Feeds also contain enzymes to improve diet consistency, nutrient digestibility, gut health, improve the environment by reducing nutrient excretion in manure, and reduce diet costs.


Wenger Feeds concentrates are designed to fit into the ration you feed to nutritionally balance any poultry or swine diet. Concentrate programs are available for every stage of poultry and swine production, and detailed instructions are included to help you create the right mixture.

Nutrient Analysis for Better Efficiency

If you’re using your own grain, we can also test its nutrient profile. Nutrient analysis using NIR spectroscopy is a service available in our laboratory. By knowing the nutrient profile of your grain, you can more accurately formulate your feed avoiding costly over-formulation or potentially harmful under-formulation. Let us provide you with the type of support program that best fits your operation.

Efficiency through Research

Our Nutrition Services Department utilizes four research houses and partners with universities to improve your on-farm efficiency through diet and management techniques. We test the latest ingredients in real-world conditions and bring our innovations directly to you.

A Network of Mills to Serve You

Our network of eleven milling locations places us close to your farming operation. Save on delivery charges, receive the freshest product possible, and experience the same consistent quality from all locations. For your peace of mind, our network allows us to shift production to meet your needs. Let us put our products and services to work for your business. Check our locations page for directions.

Please note that we do not bag our products. We only offer feed in bulk. Due to equipment constraints, we do have a 10-ton tonnage minimum. If you need more information, please contact us.

Reach your target market.

We offer specialty rations to meet your target market including:
No animal protein
Antibiotic free rations
Omega 3 rations and high-color or low-color yolk rations are available for layers
Organic feed
Non-GMO feed
Support for Process Verified Programs
Safe Quality Food

Our Research Efforts Can Help You Be More Efficient

Hours and hours of real world research are behind our quality feeds. Wenger Feeds partners with suppliers to test the latest ingredients and management techniques. While our research interests are consistent with university and industry research, our barns allow us to test our innovations in industry conditions, not in a laboratory. We also coordinate with customers on projects and obtain processor and packing data.

Our Technical Service staff attends industry and professional conferences to stay abreast of the latest innovations for our customers. We’ve implemented changes in our formulas and in our manufacturing processes based on trial results.

Our innovations in poultry feed and swine feed are tested in our barns before they reach yours.

Layer Feed

Layer feeds are formulated to meet your unique requirements for age, breed type, performance goals, and health management. Feed formulas creating value-added products and meeting specialty customer preferences are available. New feeding programs, technology, and management techniques are tested at our Layer and Pullet Research Farms. Our innovations can help you be more efficient.

Duck Feed

Duck feeds are available for all stages of production including starter, grower, and finisher. Multiple feeding programs are available to meet the needs of your target market and production schedule. Our rations can help you optimize feed efficiency and consumption with high quality durable pellets. Foie gras rations are also available. Do you have a breeder flock? We can help. Our breeder flock rations contain extra calcium, vitamins, and protein.

Single pig

Swine Feed

Feeds are formulated for performance goals, herd health, and specific customer requirements. A variety of pellet and mash feeds are available. New ingredients and feed formulas are tested regularly at our swine research farm. Our innovations can help you be more efficient.



Specialty Feed

Your flock has unique needs based on species and your target market. We have developed programs for traditionally processed flocks and non-traditional customers including live market customers. We listen to your needs and recommend a program to fit your target market.

Broiler Feed

Feeds are formulated by breed type to meet performance and flock management goals. Feed additives are available for maximum bird health and to meet specific customer requirements. New feeding programs are frequently tested.





Dairy Feed

Dairy animals have specific needs based on their various life stages. Our feeds and feeding programs meet those needs in a way that results in allowing the animal to express her full genetic potential.


Turkey Feed

Feeds are formulated for performance goals, flock health, and specific customer requirements.