Water is the largest component of all living things. It composes 70-75% of lean tissue. It carries nutrients to cells for metabolism, carries waste products from the body, regulates body temperature, and lubricates joints. For animal production, both water quantity and quality are important. Water restriction (due to quantity and/or quality issues) reduces feed intake and the regulation of body temperature.

Dutchland Farms’ Flock Services division tests water quality in the houses it services once a year at a minimum. Some houses are tested twice per year. Water tests are processed at the company’s quality assurance laboratory. Those same services are available to all. The lab offers an array of water tests including hardness, pH, iron, nitrates, sulfates, E. coli, and total coliform.

Proper pH promotes improved animal health and performance. Likewise, water with high iron, nitrate, coliform, or E. coli levels can harm animal health and performance by causing disease, which can be costly to treat.

In addition to water quality, it is important to periodically clean the water lines in your poultry house or swine barn. Barns are heated and their water lines are at low pressure giving bacteria a chance to grow within the water line.

Testing your water regularly is good flock and herd insurance. Some water quality issues can be easily addressed once the problem is uncovered. Wenger Feeds Laboratory Services provides sterile water bottles for ease of testing, and test results can be mailed or e-mailed for fast response.

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