Our goal is to make a safe feed delivery to your farm at any hour with no damage to your feed bins or other property. Follow these tips to help place your feed bins where they will be easily accessible for fast and efficient delivery.


Approximate Combined Tractor/Trailer Length 60 feet
Desired On-Farm Turning Radius 120 feet
Approximate Auger Boom-Length 40 feet

BOOM CONTROL LOCATION: The auger boom and its controls are on the left-rear side of the trailer. The driver must have a clear view of the boom and the feed bin at all times. The opposite side of the truck is a blind side from where the driver is operating the controls.

BIN-LID PLACEMENT: Feed bin lids, when open, should provide maximum access for feed truck augers. In general, they should open with the lid toward the barn. Drivers should be able to have a clear view of the bin lid at all times to prevent damage to the feed bin or its lid.

TWO HOUSE DELIVERIES: Drivers delivering to feed bins at two separate houses can usually auger into both bins with a minimum amount of truck movement. This is a preferred method of unloading when there are two houses involved. Being able to view and drop feed into all bin openings with a minimum amount of truck movement is a delivery advantage.

BIN LADDER PLACEMENT: Bin ladders should be placed on the back side of the feed bins to avoid damage by the feed auger.

BIN LIGHTING: It is helpful when bin areas are lighted to ensure that drivers can make night deliveries safely and without damage to your bins.

HOUSE NUMBERS & BIN NUMBERS: In order to decrease the risk of feed delivered to the wrong feed bin, it is helpful to use different numbers on every bin on a farm. For example, a farm with three houses could be numbered as follows:
House Number 1 – Bins 1 and 2
House Number 2 – Bins 3 and 4
House Number 3 – Bins 5 and 6

OVERHEAD ELECTRIC WIRES: It is important that electric wires are not placed near feed bins to eliminate the chance of shock or electrocution from augers coming in contact with electric wires.
If you need more information, contact your Account Leader to set up an on-farm consultation.

Feed Bin Placement

Bin Placement Options for a single house are illustrated above. Bin placement options for double houses are shown at right. Being able to view and drop feed into all bin openings with a minimum amount of truck movement is a delivery advantage. The red arrow indicates the intended path of the truck.

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