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At Wenger Feeds we recognize that dairy animals have specific needs for various life stages.  Our feeds and feeding programs target those needs in a way that results in allowing the animal to express her full genetic potential.  Whether you are raising herd replacements, preparing animals for the upcoming lactation, or optimizing the production of milk and milk components in your lactating herd, we have a nutrition program that is right for your animals and which leads to greater farm profits.

Enhanced Farm Profitability Through Strategic Feed Nutrient Management

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Young Calves

We have a variety of options for helping you to make the most of the first stages of life for your calves. Aggressive growth strategies without breaking the bank are the hallmark of our calf feeding programs.

Transition Cows

The nutrition of the modern dairy cow during the period three weeks prior to calving to three weeks post calving needs to be spot on for the best in health and productivity.  At Wenger Feeds, we understand the importance of feed quality and proper nutrition to maximize future performance. We help you minimize problems and maximize potential during this time period.

Growing Heifers

We realize that a successful herd replacement program is highly dependent on getting great daily gains on heifers between the calf stage and the prefresh stage.  We use high forage diets to grow big heifers that are ready to come into the herd and go right to work for you.

Lactating Cows

Being profitable in your milk producing operation is a function of making the best of your home-grown nutrients and incorporating them into diets that focus on getting the most milk and milk components out of your cows at the best cost while maintaining health and reproductive abilities. Our dairy nutrition team has well over 100 years of combined experience in dairy cattle nutrition and management, and we put that experience to work for you to find the best possible methods of converting feed nutrients into farm profits.     

Dry Cows

Getting cows ready for the next lactation is a short-term investment that has the potential to pay big dividends over the next year.  We fine tune dry cow rations to get them ready for the best possible results in the days and months following parturition.


Peak Builder Feeding Strategy

Peak milk yield is highly correlated to total milk yield for the lactation of dairy cows. In general, for every one-pound increase in peak milk yield, a cow will give an additional 200-250 pounds of milk for the lactation, and each extra pound is more profitable than the previous pound. Transition and early lactation management and nutrition are key in getting cows to hit the peak milk levels that are bred into them. Wenger Feeds/Hoober Feeds have developed the “Peak Builder Feeding Strategy” which allows you, the farmer, to customize your feeding strategy on early lactation cows and select from a variety of products that best fit your fresh cow feeding management.

There are two foundational principles on which the Peak Builder Feeding Strategy is built.
Principal 1: The principle that early lactation cows that are low in intake relative to increasing demand for nutrients respond positively to diets that are more concentrated in protein and energy.

Principal 2: The principle that when early lactation cows are provided with well-proven additives that promote enhanced liver function, proper rumen function, and improved immune function, dietary energy is spared and is used by the cow to increase milk yields.
These principles are at the heart of the various Peak Builder Feeding Strategy products. Product choices are as follows:
Peak Builder Kickoff

A textured feed designed to feed from three weeks prefresh to three weeks post fresh at eight pounds per day. It provides supplemental protein and energy plus ten different peak enhancing additives that support Principle 2 including rumen protected choline and rumen protected methionine.

Peak Builder
A textured feed designed to feed either from lactation start or after kicking the lactation off with Peak Builder Kickoff at varying amounts based on daily milk production. It provides supplemental energy and protein in support of Principle 1 without the added expense of the additives that support Principle 2. Ideal for cows that have the ability to perform at high levels of production well after peak dry matter intake has been achieved.

Peak Builder Plus
A textured feed designed to feed either from lactation start or after kicking off the lactation with Peak Builder Kickoff at varying amounts based on daily milk production. It provides supplemental protein and energy including rumen protected fat and rumen protected methionine. Peak Builder Plus also provides eight different peak enhancing additives that support Principle 2.

Peak Builder Precise
A pelleted feed designed to feed at two pounds per head daily to provide supplemental energy and protein plus eight different peak enhancing additives that promote improved energy metabolism, proper rumen function, improved immune status, improved milk component production and enhanced mineral status. Ideal for TMR situations where limited hand feeding can be used to reduce the expense associated with feeding various additives in the TMR.

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