Recommendations for Commercial Manure Haulers

Biosecure Manure Pumping Protocols for Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea Virus (PED)

The National Pork Producers Council, the American Association of Swine Veterinarians, and the Pork Checkoff Program have issued a Swine Health Producer Guide for Commercial Manure haulers hauling swine manure.

Prior to going on the site of a swine operation for hauling manure, communicate with the producer regarding any biosecurity measures that may have changed or are new, note when you plan to be on the farm, and share important contact information of all on-site crew members including a history of prior locations. Make sure there are clear directions for where your equipment can travel and how to handle any manure spills that may occur. Always make sure that no one enters the barn, office, or walk areas used by farm personnel. Make sure all haulers are properly equipped with clean coveralls, boots and gloves for each site they visit. If the hauler must cross over into the areas like the barn, office or walk areas, be sure they are wearing protective gear, properly disposing or containing contaminated clothing and cleaning and disinfecting their re-usable gear and equipment prior to going to their next site. Communicate with the producer when the manure pumping and hauling is completed and be sure to discuss any concerns including possible spills or a biosecurity breach. Always clean, disinfect and dry equipment and any contaminated equipment prior to leaving the farm.

A PED virus infection at a sow farm can create nearly 100% mortality of piglets. Cleaning, disinfecting and drying all equipment is mandatory if moving to a sow site. Make sure you protect yourself and assume responsibility for the biosecurity of your manure hauling equipment and hauling crew.