There are many reasons that feed may need to be transferred once it has been delivered to a farm including feed that is leftover from a previous flock or herd. Regardless of the reason, feed that is delivered to a farm never comes back to our milling locations in order to protect our biosecurity and yours.

Once the feed leaves our truck, it is no longer in our custody, so we prevent it from coming back to the mill for your safety and ours. Why?

The bin currently storing the feed on the farm probably contained another type of feed, so we cannot be sure of the contents of the feed we are withdrawing. In addition, the bin may also contain contaminants like water or mold.

Finally, the farm may have experienced a disease outbreak. In this case, feed removed from the farm may bring a disease to our milling location.

If you have feed leftover from a flock or herd, we can transfer it to another bin or location that uses the same feeding program. See your Account Leader for more information on your feed transfer options.