Grain Receiving

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Rheems Mill

Rheems Mill grain receiving

Rheems Mill Grain Receiving Updates

**Please do not park in the produce company’s parking lot**

[637am;12/01/21]**Corn receiving is currently closed due to a malfunctioning conveyer. Corn receiving will re-open at 900am on Wednesday, 12/01/21.**


Mount Joy Mill

Mount Joy Mill grain receiving

Mount Joy Mill Grain Receiving Updates:




Spring Glen Mill

Spring Glen Mill grain receiving

Spring Glen Mill Grain Receiving Updates

Grain receiving hours are Monday – Friday, 500am to 500pm. Thank you for your business.

[1248pm;11/29/21]**Please have all deliveries onsite by 300pm from Monday, 11/29/21 through Friday, 12/03/21 to ensure they will be unloaded. Thank you.**




Shippensburg Mill

Shippensburg Mill grain receiving

Shippensburg Mill Grain Receiving Updates

Receiving hours are 600am to 800pm Monday through Friday – thank you for your business.

[959am;10/01/21]**Effective Friday, 10/08/21, we are temporarily requesting all trucks delivering each Friday to be onsite by 400pm to ensure unloading. Thank you for your business – we will post further updates as they become available.**



Muncy Mill

Muncy Mill grain receiving

Muncy Mill Grain Receiving Updates

[441pm;11/29/21]**Corn receiving is closed due to full capacity. Corn receiving will re-open at 600am on Thursday, 12/02/21.**



Hempfield Mill

Hempfield Mill grain receiving

Hempfield Mill Grain Receiving Updates

** Effective 09/23/21, conventional corn receiving hours are Monday – Friday, 500am to 1100am

[640am;12/01/21]**We estimate less than 2 hours of conventional corn receiving space is available as of this time stamp. Conventional corn receiving will re-open at 500am on Thursday, 12/02/21.**



Massey Mill

Massey Mill grain receiving

Massey Mill Grain Receiving Updates

**As of 10/27/21 receiving hours are Monday – Friday, 600am to 400pm until further notice. Only dry corn under 16.5% moisture can be received.**

**Effective 08/14/21, only the following corn truck types will be able to be received: hoppers, walking floors, and self-dumping.**


Video feeds of our Rheems, Mount Joy, Shippensburg, Muncy Mill, Spring Glen Mill, Hempfield, and Massey Mills are available above to aid you in scheduling your delivery of grain. The image refreshes every two minutes. Please check back often as Grain Receiving status can change. Traffic cones indicate that the silos are full. An ORANGE cone indicates that the corn silos are full. A LIME GREEN cone with an ORANGE SIGN attached indicates that the soybean silos are full.

Grain Purchasing

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